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Holi Hemp brands are developed by our team of visionary scientists that are committed to developing products at the forefront of holistic wellness and healthcare.

HERBO is your at-home apothecary for radiant skin and all your hemp-infused skincare needs. HERBO’s line of plant-based body lotions, oils, butters, balms and bath salts are designed to revitalize all skin types. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, HERBO leverages the restorative properties of hemp to hydrate + enrich skin.

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Holief is holistic relief. Using the strength of hemp extracts, Holief provides a strong foundation for overall wellness with no psychoactive effects. Our natural blend of botanicals works to promote relaxation and ease occasional stress and muscle and joint discomfort.

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Sunday is the hemp-infused seltzer in the hands of all, from the “Thirsty Thursday” thriving millennials to the moms that can’t believe it’s only Monday. With high-quality, US grown, broad-spectrum hemp, and natural fruit flavors, Sunday seamlessly blends the standards of a wellness conscious drink, in the form of a savvy social tonic.

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Camas Naturals products are focused on enhancing total body health and wellness.  Our products incorporate natural and organic ingredients to provide a nourishing experience.  The Camas name represents our local Pacific Northwest community while also paying tribute to the Camas Lily which was one of the primary plants used by indigenous healers.

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